1/31/19: January Update

Hello all,

I hope you all have had a great couple weeks. We have been busy over here at Reece’s Rare Comics planning trips, sorting through collections, and adding tons of new material to the website. At this point, I hope you have been checking the website every few days as we have added several hundred books in the month of January. If you haven’t, you can still head to the Recently Added page and click through the first 10 pages to see all of the great books we have added. There were tons of keys listed, and I’ll try to list the highlights below, but your best bet is to head to your favorite title and see all of the new additions yourself. If you want to just see the best of the best, you can check them all out on our Featured books page. Without further delay, here are some of the highlights! Of course, there were hundreds of more books listed, but these are the books we are frequently asked for.


Along with the many key books, we also added in runs of CGC graded Batman, Ghost, Eternals, and other comics. If graded books aren’t your thing, we have added in several hundred raw books as well. We tried to add titles that we didn’t have a large selection of already, so if any of these titles are runs you are collecting, be sure to search up in the title bar to see all of the new additions. Some of the titles we added books for include:

  • Doom Patrol
  • Flash
  • My Greatest Adventure
  • Strange Adventures
  • Strange Tales
  • Tales to Astonish
  • Werewolf by Night

With tomorrow being the 1st day of February, that means we are just 6 short weeks away from our first West Coast show of the year: Emerald City Comic Con. Be sure to keep checking back on our calendar to find out what booth we will be in as that show continues to get bigger every year! If you are planning on attending and want to see us bring something specific, please let us know! We have extremely limited room bringing graded books to both Emerald City and Wondercon, so if you have been eye balling a nice book and want to see it in person, get in contact with us as soon as possible and we will make sure to bring them.

A quick reminder to anyone who may be looking to sell or consign their books that we are always looking for new material to acquire! We have already bought our first collections of 2019 and are always looking for high grade books to showcase at the many trade shows we attend every year. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch to talk about a collection/consignment, please call Austin at 240-405-2751 or email at Austin@reececomics.com. You can also reach Alex at 240-367-3662 or email him at alexgreece58@gmail.com.

Thank you to everyone who allows us to continue doing what we love, we hope to see you at a show sometime soon!


Austin Reece