1/12/23: New Site Features + Tips!

Welcome to the newest iteration of our website! We have worked hard behind the scenes to bring you an amazing experience for buying vintage comics online and while many of you are familiar with the features we have built over the years, I wanted to highlight some of the things you can do while on www.reececomics.com.

1) Account Features

Making an account with us provides you access to save your offer history, order history, addresses, and create a want list. To go a little more in depth, here are some examples of what those do for you.

  • Offer History
    • When placing an offer on one of our items, any offer that meets our mininum price threshold is sent to us for review, and we have the option to either reject, accept, or counter the offer. All of your offers are added to your "My Offers" page, and if accepted you will have the choice of adding the item to your cart via the accepted email, or by visiting this page and using the "Add To Cart" button. This page makes it easy for adding in multiple offers to the same cart before checkout so you no longer have to click through multiple emails.
  • Order History
    • As the name implies, your "My Orders" page saves any orders you make with us on Reece's Rare Comics. You can click each link on the My Orders page to see which books were in that order, what price you paid for them, and even thumbnail images of the items purchased. 
  • Saved Addresses
    • By adding your address to your account, you will automatically have several forms on the website partially filled out with your info including Make an Offer forms and your billing and shipping address when checking out. You are also able to add multiple addresses to your account so that you can have a home and work address and quickly switch between the two when checking out. 
  • Want List
    • A feature that we have had for some time, we made big improvements to the want list this time around. This feature allows you to add books to your account and if we add them in the future, you will receive an email with a link to the product you have been waiting for. In this update, we created the ability to sort your want list by title, issue number, date created, graded company, and condition. A big improvement is that you are now able to add an item to your want list that is graded by either CGC or CBCS. This means that if you are looking for a Captain America #117 in a CGC 8.5 or better, you will no longer receive emails for raw copies that we list that have been graded as an 8.5 or better.

2) Search Improvements

  • Main Search Bar
    • We no longer have two search bars requiring you to input both the title and issue number separately. Instead, we replaced the search with a massive search bar on the home page that allows you to search for anything you are looking for quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, you no longer need to include a hyhen or pound sign when searching for titles and specific issue numbers. Now, you can just search for "Amazing Spider Man 50" and you will get the same results as searching for "Amazing Spider-Man #50".
  • More Refined Search
    • If you want to drill down on a specific publisher, age, condition, or page quality, you can use our advanced search to find exactly what you are looking for. You can get creative with this as well by searching for "CGC", "Dated added from 11/1/22" and "Marvel" to find all new Marvel slabs that we have listed since November 1st. Throw in a "Price From" of $500 or more, and you will see all of those same slabs with a minimum price of $500 or more. This is a great tool for searching our new products that cater to your interests, or by keeping it broad and looking at all of our books in a quick manner. 
  • Faster Search
    • 'nuff said

Of course, we made numerous other updates including to the cart and checkout process, hopefully making it easier than ever to purchase books. All of this is in addition to what makes us stand out already- like having images for every comic listed (including back covers!). Most importantly, we laid the groundwork to allow us to build upon this version of our website quicker and with more efficiently. We hope to provide the best shopping experience for vintage comics anywhere on the internet, and hope you take some time to use it and help us spread the word!