2/11/20: Off Season Update!

Hello all,

I hope you have been having a great Winter and securing some books off of your want lists. We have been busy buying and selling books and things are starting to kick into gear in these last few weeks before we are back on the road. We have added several thousand raw books to the website and supplemented that with several hundred graded books as well. Most recently, we were able to acquire a collection that featured some high grade key books from Avengers, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk and X-Men titles. We also secured our 2nd original owner collection for 2020 that features 10,000 Silver/Bronze/Copper age books and are virtually flawless from 1980 on. Look for many new books to be added into our show/online inventories over the next few months from the multiple collections we have secured in 2020. 

Here are a few of the books that we have added over the past few weeks that are currently available online and will also be coming to Chicago for C2E2. As always, please let us know if there is something else on the website you want to see in person as we are starting to pack for the show.