2/15/19: Mid-Month Update

Hello everyone,

As we get ready for the weekend, I wanted to let you all know what we have been up to the past two weeks. First of all, we added a TON of graded Amazing Spider-Man books to the website, including issues #1,#2,#3,#4, #13, #50, #101 and many more! A lot have been bought up already but you can see everything we have to offer over here! We have also added a ton of other great keys including Werewolf by Night #32, Green Lantern #76, Silver Surfer #1 and #3, Tales of Suspense #52, Batman #171, #189 and #232, and House of Secrets #92. These were all part of several large updates that included hundreds of graded books. If you are still searching for the right copy, make sure to sign up as a user so that you can create a Want List. The want list allows you to add books that we may not have in stock now, but when we get a copy you will be notified the night of. 

In addition to all of the great graded books, we have added close to 500 new ungraded books that include great runs of books and some minor keys. Most recently I finished a 175 book update that included issues of:

  • Action Comics
  • Adventure Comics
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Including issue #103-#143 with many duplicates
  • Avengers
  • Batman
  • Captain Marvel
  • Conan: Including issues #270-#274
  • Dark Horse Presents #34
  • Defenders #1-#4
  • Eternal #1-#8
  • Jungle Action #5
  • Marvel Premiere: Including #1
  • Marvel Super-Heroes #12
  • Marvel Team-Up
  • Shazam!
  • Star Wars
  • Warlock

Right now our next show is Emerald City in Seattle over the weekend of March 14-17. If you are planning on attending this show, please send us your lists of books you want to see as we will have extremely limited room carrying books to this show. This is also true for the WonderCon show in Anaheim later that month. If you want to see our full show inventory, please make plans to see us in Chicago at C2E2 in between these other two great shows. If you plan on attending C2E2, we may just have our greatest set up ever and with CGC doing on-site grading, we expect to acquire many more great books. 

We have a ton of big plans for the upcoming months and hope that you all continue to check back with us as we work on them. If you plan on attending any of the shows on our calendar this year, please be sure to stop by and say hello to us!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

-Austin Reece



Here are our February highlights! Please note that some of these may not be available for sale any more.