2/25/19: Massive Daredevil Update and CGC Keys!

Hello to everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and are gearing up some of the shows we are attending next month. If you haven’t seen our show schedule yet we will be attending:

  • Emerald City (Seattle, WA) from March 14-17
  • C2E2 (Chicago, IL) from March 22-24
  • WonderCon (Anaheim, CA) from March 29-31

We will be posting our booth location for each of those shows in the coming weeks so keep checking back on our calendar to make sure you can find us. If you plan on seeing us for either of our West Coast shows and want us to bring a specific book for you to see in person, please get in contact with us as soon as possible as we will have very limited room bringing books to those two shows. If you plan on seeing us in Chicago, we will have our full show inventory but if you have any specific requests, please let us know as well. Just because a book is listed on the site does not mean it will be at the show.

Since our last update we have worked on getting several hundred more raw books listed on the website for all you run collectors and those who still love flipping through original copies! 

We listed a large run of Thor from issues #141-#185 with multiple issues having duplicate and even triplicate copies. You can see our full selection of Thor comics by using our advanced search or clicking here! In that update we also listed some issues from Amazing Spider-Man and Strange Tales and have continued to expand our selection with those runs.

Most recently, we listed a near complete run of Daredevil from issues #2-#130. While a few of the earlier issues have some wear and tear, there are a bunch of great mid-range copies and a few with some brilliantly clean covers. If you are still looking to fill in an issue for your Daredevil run, we now have one of the widest selections we have ever offered.

As for CGC graded books, we have received a few boxes in the past two weeks with the highlights being:

  • Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 6.0 (Sold)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #5 CGC 4.0- 1st Doctor Doom
  • Amazing Spider-man #7 CGC 6.0- 2nd appearance of Vulture
  • Amazing Spider-Man #11 CGC 4.0- 2nd Doctor Octopus
  • Amazing Spider-Man #15 CGC 7.0- 1st Kraven The Hunter
  • Amazing Spider-Man #20 CGC 5.0- 1st  Scorpion
  • Batman #232 CGC 7.5- 1st Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Flash #116 CGC 9.0- High grade. Full page ad for JLA #1.
  • Flash #139 CGC 3.0- 1st Reverse Flash
  • Marvel Spotlight CGC 8.5/CGC 9.0- 1st appearance of Ghost Rider
  • Silver Surfer #1 CGC 4.0
  • Silver Surfer #2 CGC 9.2-  1st Brotherhood of Badoon
  • Superman #76 CGC 7.5-  Superman/Batman learn each other’s secret identities for the 1st time


As always, we appreciate all of your business over the years and hope to continue to be able to provide tons of great material for you all to enjoy. If you ever have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to Alex or I at :

Austin: 240-405-2751 / Areece14@gmail.com

Alex: 240-367-3662 / alexgreece58@gmail.com