5/22/19: MegaCon Show Review and May News!

Hello All,

As I continue to fall behind in writing these blogs posts I am simultaneously blown away by how fast 2019 seems to be going! It feels like just a month ago we were heading home after New York Comic Con and had a few months to spend back home. But, the month of May is drawing to a close and we are nearly half way through our show schedule for 2019. 

And, as I sit here now thinking about the events of the past week, my brain has blurred everything together once again. This time last week we were unpacking our van after a 14 hour drive down to Orlando, Florida for the aptly named MegaCon. This was our 10th+ year of doing the show and it continues to be one of the better shows that we attend. It originally was a show held in the winter, which is why we were always so keen on attending year after year. After the show was bought by promoters Fan Expo, they decided that a summer showcase was a better move for them. While the change in schedule doesn’t allow us to skip a few days of the Maryland winter, we still love getting to go down to Florida and see how this show has grown.

MegaCon is a full 4 day show, starting at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday and lasting through 5 p.m. on Sunday with multiple 10 hour days in between. Not many shows can justify setting up for a continuous 4 days, but MegaCon does offer plenty for attendees to look at the entire weekend.

While we had a relatively slow start on Thursday, Friday turned out to be one of our best days with a few different customers coming with their lists and buying within the first few hours of the doors opening. Each day had its slow moments, but it never felt like we were completely dead. Saturday was another solid day with the halls feeling close to packed as more than 100,000 people were expected to arrive. We didn’t see any major books fly off the wall on Saturday, but consistent sales out of our boxes added up to a good day.  MegaCon seems to attract both the run collector and the graded book collector, which is a slight shift from what I typically see at other shows. As is typical at these bigger shows, only a small percentage of people seemed to be interested in vintage comics, but you only need a small percentage of 100,000 to stay busy.

Aside from the major Silver Age keys (think X-Men #1, Fantastic Four #1), we were being asked consistently for Tomb of Dracula #10, Fantastic Four #48, Giant-Size X-Men #1, Marvel Spotlight #5, and Silver Surfer #4. While this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody as they are all key books in their own right, it is interesting to see a slight shift away from some of the books we were being asked for in October

We were able to take in a few trades and buys in the weekend that will be listed here on the website in the next few days, but I’ll list the highlights for any early birds reading this:

  • Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 CGC 4.0
  • Daredevil #1 CGC 3.0
  • X-Men #101 CGC 5.0 / 6.0
  • Thor #337 CBCS 9.6 (x2)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 5.0
  • Amazing Spider-Man #5 CGC 3.5
  • Amazing Spider-Man #6 CGC 6.5
  • Raw Avengers #1 (being sent to CGC to be posted later)
  • Chamber of Chills #19 (being sent to CGC to be posted later)

And of course, it would not be a blog post without a few pictures!

If you would like to come see us at a show, we still have a few dates left this year! Our next stop will be in Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Con. After that, we will be traveling cross country to attend both Torpedo’s one day show and then San Diego Comic Con.

We are also excited to let you know that we have added one more date to our show schedule this year! We will once again be attending Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this August. With Reed Pop’s recent announcement that CGC will be doing on-site grading in Philadelphia, our hope is that this show will continue to grow as we continue to support it. 

As always, thank you to everyone who continues to support what we do!


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