11/9/23: Reece's Rare Comics Now Selling on Whatnot!

Some of you may be aware, but we are now selling books on Whatnot, an up and coming platform dedicated to rapid-fire auctions in the collectibles space. If you are unfamiliar with the app, I recommend checking out one of our shows which we are currently running every Thursday and Friday at 6:00 p.m. EST. 

You might be wondering what kind of books we are selling on there, and the truth is we are selling a little bit of everything. Over the years, we have accumulated nearly 1,000 longboxes of comics from all ages and all genres. While we are always going to be prioritizing the website (which now has more than 18,000 listings!), we knew that we had plenty of material for other platforms. Whatnot is a great opportunity for you to grab some books that wouldn't normally make their way to the website for one reason or another, and all of our auctions start at just $1. Another exciting aspect of Whatnot is that auctions tend to run between 10-60 seconds. This allows us to run more than 100 books per show, in a fun, fast paced setting and allows you to grab some books at a good deal.

If you are interested in seeing what kind of books we are selling on the platform, you can use our referral link to sign up here: https://whatnot.com/invite/reecesrarecomics

Just head to our profile, click on any show, and tap the little home icon in the bottom right. This will bring up a list of the books we plan on running during that show. If you aren't able to make it for the live section, you can even place a pre-bid. I should mention that this app is designed for mobile use, so while you can view our streams on a computer, the ideal setting is on your phone.

We also love when people just come to hangout in the chat, so feel free to stop by and come hangout for a minute, an hour, or the whole show!