About Us

Founded in 1993, Reece’s Rare comics originally began under the name Vault of Comics. Greg Reece originally opened the store in New Market, Maryland focused on comics, sports cards, and other collectibles. The Vault was a great lesson in running a business, but was operating during a time when comics were losing popularity, and vintage comics weren’t a mature enough market to sustain a business. Despite his love of the business, in just a few short years Greg had to close the shop and transition back into his earlier career of floor tile sales to support his family for the next 12 years.

Fast forward to September of 2007, when Greg received a call to buy a massive comic book collection of 20,000+ books! What started as a part time venture back into comic books eventually turned into a full time job under a new company: Greg Reece’s Rare Comics. This time around, Greg opted for an online business model where he would create one of the most innovative websites in the industry and began traveling to more than twenty trade shows every year. His wife Ginger also dedicated most of her free time to helping the fledgling business get on its feet and maintain some order in their extremely hectic lives.

After three years of rapid growth, the time for Greg Reece’s Rare Comics to expand had long passed and one of his sons, Alex, was just about to graduate from college. With the timing right, GRRC expanded from two employees to three in 2013. During this time GRRC continued to expand, traveling to shows on the West Coast for the first time and growing their online presence both domestically and internationally.

Just three years later, another of Greg’s sons was about to graduate from college and the company had again been looking to expand its operations. With Austin coming on board it became clear that it was no longer just Greg Reece’s Rare Comics, it was a family business.

From then on, the company has been hanging the banner of Reece’s Rare Comics at trade shows around the country. We continue to be on the forefront of providing an exceptional customer experience with a high quality website as well as an online inventory that rivals anyone in the industry. Throughout our company's changes, our mission at Reece’s Rare Comics has stayed the same: acquiring world class material and providing exceptional customer service.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Reece’s Rare Comics in the past and we hope you continue to support us as we continuously push forward.