11/9/23: Reece's Rare Comics Now Selling on Whatnot!

Some of you may be aware, but we are now selling books on Whatnot, an up and coming platform dedicated to rapid-fire auctions in the collectibles space. If you are unfamiliar with the app, I recommend checking out one of our shows which we are currently running every Thursday and Friday at 6:00 p.m. EST.  You might be wondering what kind of books we are selling on there, and the truth is we are selling a little bit of everything. Over the years, we have accumulated nearly 1,000 longboxes… Read More

1/12/23: New Site Features + Tips!

Welcome to the newest iteration of our website! We have worked hard behind the scenes to bring you an amazing experience for buying vintage comics online and while many of you are familiar with the features we have built over the years, I wanted to highlight some of the things you can do while on 1) Account Features Making an account with us provides you access to save your offer history, order history, addresses, and create a want list. To go a little more in depth, h… Read More

3/17/21: Interview With Don’t Feed The Geeks!

I recently did an interview with the guys over at Long Island Comics on their podcast, Don’t Feed The Geeks. We talked about the state of the comic industry, some stories from conventions gone by, and much more! You can skip to the 18 minute… Read More

10/21/20: The Very Beginning…

I first remember seeing comic books in a spinner rack in a 7-11 that I could walk to from my apartment. I was fascinated with the stories and art and became condition sensitive almost immediately. I did not have access to a comic book store… Read More

9/30/20: Mid Week Book Update!

We have had a very busy week with books coming in and going out nearly as soon as we list them. These are a few of the books we have listed that may or may not be available by time the time you read this…. Read More

9/22/20: 17 New CGC Books Listed!

A quick Tuesday update including some nice keys and tough to find Golden Age books. A few are at the top of the census or close to it so be sure to look for these on the site. We also listed a handful of new… Read More

9/15/20: 76 New Books Listed

I just finished listing a really nice group of some Silver Age books from a collection we purchased several years back but never got around to. Most of these books are in the Fine to Very Fine range and a lot of them still had… Read More

9/3/20: 29 New CGC Books Listed

Yesterday we were able to list a box of new CGC slabs that we got back. Almost all of these were highlights in their own right but here are a few of my favorites: All Select Comics #1 CGC 8.5 (restored) Amazing Spider-Man #41 CGC… Read More

9/2/20: 113 New Books Listed

I just finished listing a large group of some tough to find Silver/Bronze Age DC’s. Included in this group were: Silver Age Adventure Comics Atom #1 Justice League of America #3, #4, #6, #10, #21 Omega Men #3- 1st Lobo Sea Devils #1 Showcase #36… Read More

8/31/20: 188 New Books Listed

Today, we finished listing a large group of raw books that we started putting up on Friday. Highlights include: Amazing Spider-Man #298 Amazing Spider-Man #477- 9/11 issue Avengers #47 Avengers Annual #10- 1st Rogue Batman #426, #427, #428 – Death in the Family parts 1-3… Read More

8/25/20: 150 New Books Listed

Due to the fact that we haven’t been traveling, the blog has been a bit of an after thought for us recently. While we have been trying our best to update everyone with our newsletters (sign up right here), the blog has unfortunately taken a… Read More