Upcoming Shows

Heroes Con

Looking forward to another great Heroes Con! Please let us know if there are specific books you would like us to bring to the show. Read More


Come on out the week before SDCC and catch the majority of vintage comic dealers in one room! This two day show provides a great opportunity to check out everyones SDCC inventory at a fraction of the cost of a San Diego Comic Con ticket. We will be limited in our inventory so please be sure to reach out with any books you would like us to bring. Read More

San Diego Comic Con

Another great comic con in the sun! We will have limited space to bring CGC books, so please be sure to let us know if there is something you want to see at the show. Read More

Fan Expo Chicago

We had to miss last year so we are excited to be back for the Rosemont show! Read More

Baltimore Comic Con

Our hometown show and always a fan favorite! If you haven't had a chance to attend, this will be the perfect time of year to get some crabcakes and comics! Read More

New York Comic Con

One of our favorite shows of the year, NYCC 2023 promises to be a good one. Be sure to stop by and see us as we make another pilgrimage the the big apple! Read More